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spirituality - sensuality - sexuality

Step into your power and discover your authentic truth. Allow yourself to be free and embody the orgasmic pleasure of your divine being.

What is Tantra?


The divine force (God) divided itself into two forces/polarities/energies: The Divine Maskuline (Shiva, Yang) and The Divine Feminine (Shakti, Yin).

In material/manifested/dual realms, such as here on earth, we can learn to invite, experience, and work with these two Divine energies in our own bodies.

Therefore, a tantric experience is always a body experience. To practice Tantra is to learn to handle, balance, and unite these energies within ourselves. The purpose of which is to gain and experience their union (within ourselves and subsequently within a sexual union with our partner). 

This enables us to overcome duality and find ourselves in complete oneness. Which leads us (as a human species) to evolve on a higher level as we start to embody the Great Divine (Enlightment).

Traditionell Tantra is heart-based and should always be approached and practiced from an open heart. 

Love is the universal glue that holds all things together, and for where fear leads to separation - only Love enables true union. 

On the way to their union, the two divine forces (Shiva and Shakti) will therefore bear, heal and transform everything that is not of Love.

A tantric path is a path of commitment, devotion, openness, playfulness, embodiment, and your own mastery of the dance of Shiva and Shakti.




The art of touch.

In a sacred environment, open yourself to complete surrender through touch. All emerging sensations, seeking acknowledgment or connection, are warmly embraced.


stretch - move - breathe

Release tension, embrace the flow. Feel the dance of stretch and breath, a rhythm of liberation and energy awakening.

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