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Tantrateacher - Masseuse - Hairdresser - Yogateacher

 Freespirit - Dancer - Artist

I'm Vanessa, a free spirit and soul traveler. Since 2013, as a beautician and hairdresser, massage and bodywork have been part of my path. I've expanded my skills with Thaiyogamassage, Tantramassage (Berlin), Hand-Feed-Reflexology, and Shiatsu. My dance journey deepened body knowledge through somatic work and contact improvisation.

Since 2014, I've studied with various teachers worldwide, delving into Tantra, Yoga, Shamanism, Dance, and Meditation. My passion lies in opening a space for others to connect with their true nature through movement, sound, and meditation, embracing life with unconditional love and awareness.

In 2020, I became a certified Yoga Teacher in India after 7 years of practice. I have been teaching at retreat centers, offering Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Intuitive Dance, Women's Circles, Rituals, Tea Ceremonies, and Community Gatherings. During my travels, I host workshops and retreats in various locations.

In 2023, I completed my Tantra Teacher Training in Italy, and now, my years of practice have evolved into the ShamanicTantric Path. I am grateful to transmit the knowledge I learned. Join me on this journey of change and transformation.

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