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Energetic Hairritual

✤ Soundbath
✤ Hair-Brush Massage
✂︎ Haircut
✤ Aroma Head massage


It's a space to connect with yourself and release the old aspects of your being. Letting go creates room for new energy, possibilities, or whatever you choose to welcome into your life.

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Why Energetic Hairritual?

In today's fast-paced lifestyle, juggling work, grocery shopping, hairdressing, sports, and more in a single day has become the norm—an intense and hectic routine.

In the Hairrituals I want to invite and appreciate silence and slowness. Cutting my hair becomes a profound experience; it feels like a release, allows energy to flow, brings a sense of lightness.

As a natural hairdresser, I perceive the hair, as an energetic extension of the body. Holding the scissors, I experience the entire process rather than fulfilling a task —it's a ceremony, a ritual that supports inner transformation and growth.

External changes mirror internal shifts. Through meditation, harnessing the power of visualization prevalent to tantra, one can let go of burdens, paving the way for new creations in life.


The shamanic drum's vibrations ground us into the present moment, strengthening our connection to the Earth through our bodies.

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