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the leaf


The similarity and connection between nature and us.

A text is written by me.

With the minerals of the earth, which are absorbed by the tips of the roots in the deepest bottom of the invisible living soil. Which are not tangible and visible, but of great importance to nourish the leaf and let it grow.

How the primal knowledge is in the earth, which nourishes us with it and allows us to grow internally.

The minerals pull themselves through the whole roots, into the trunk, the middle, to send this force into the tree crown, the branches.

This knowledge reaches us in our middle, our center, which we send from our Muladhara Chakra up to our Crown Chakra.

It reaches the branches, a bud slowly and timidly develops

-a wish a thought, an idea.

In addition, the force enters the sun from above.

The divine connection to the universe.

We need both the sheet. The elemental force from below, the spiritual from above.

In addition, the air is the third elementary foundation. The tree the nature that creates fresh breath.

She lets us breathe. Breath - movement - life

We are in constant contact and exchange with nature. Go out into the forest and get a fresh life pack.

The real being on this planet, in this body, in the present moment.

With all the information from 3 sides - body, mind, soul - the bud begins to open in its lush green color - the hope, the liveliness of life.

The page opens slowly, step by step, to reveal itself to the world.

This also opens up our wishes and dreams, we start with all the information that reaches us to create our reality. We put these coming/feeling wishes from our center in thoughts and then in deeds, show our being to the world.

Leaves bloom, fade and disappear back into the ground they came from.

So we change, too, old wishes vanish, new ones fly away. Life is constant change, enjoy being open to new realities, wishes, and changes. We don't have to stick to old ideas.


Go out nourish your leaves

let them grow, show your being / doing to the world

and let it go again

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