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  • 9 Meetings of:

1 Opening - 7 Chakras - 1 Closing 


  • Kundalini Dance (one Chakra per session)

  • Chakra Theory

  • Weekly Inspiration - Asana - Pranayama


Tantric Kundalini Dance

Over the course of these four months, you will develop a profound understanding of the energetic dynamics of your chakras. Utilizing the potent practice of visualization, rooted in the tradition of Tantra, we will systematically purify each chakra.

This transformative journey serves as a potent means of connecting with both your physical self and your energetic body.

The Kundalini Dance, a sacred practice, becomes a gateway to accessing your Shakti Power.

Each chakra, representing various elements and possessing distinct characteristics, serves as a guide to unraveling our patterns and behaviors.

Our online sessions, held bi-weekly, will delve into a different chakra every two weeks. Throughout the week, I will share a video featuring an asana or pranayama, derived from Kundalini Hatha Yoga, designed to foster balance within the specific chakra we explore each week.

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