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Immerse in the linear nature of Asana practice in connection with the elements. The yoga classes are based on Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. Each element has a different quality which we incorporate into the asanas.


Air - Hatha Flow

Beginning with Sun Salutation and continuing through a set of Asanas. I guide you through soft, light, and flying-like movements before transitioning into pranayama (breathing) techniques for a deeper experience of being.


Fire - Vinyasa flow

A powerful meditation of movement, this practice ignites the fire element in your body and strengthens your muscles. It is followed by fire breathing techniques for inner strength.


Water - Hatha Yoga

Beginning with Moon Salutation and then holding Asanas in stillness. This practice allows you to feel sensations and emotions and gain greater awareness of the constant flow that is happening inside you.


Earth - Yin Yoga

Earthsulatation and Asanas that harmonize the body
with the earth and our bones, this practice connects us with a strong sense of grounding and aliveness inside.

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